Bayside Auxiliary

With over 60 years of continuous service under our belt, we are proud of where we have come from, and are committed to where we are going. Chambers Health is a community based and driven organization and operation.

Bayside Auxiliary

Supporting Local Healthcare

The Bayside Auxiliary is a membership organization made up of individuals from within our community dedicated to supporting Chambers Health.

The Auxiliary’s support, through the funding of equipment acquisitions, has helped improve operations of Chambers Health through nursing’s micropumps, surgery’s electrosurgical unit for the operating room, respiratory’ s spirometer and turbine kit, hospital lunchroom furniture, hospital lobby and office furnishings, televisions for patient rooms, mannequins for educational use, dental equipment, fitness fans and equipment, and various other pieces.

Auxiliary members are very proud of the group’s accomplishments and are actively involved in supporting the efforts and initiatives of Chambers Health. There is absolutely no doubt that the Auxiliary is making a positive difference in our community.

The Auxiliary raises funds in several ways. All funds raised by the Auxiliary go toward supporting the operations of Chambers Health.


Want to join?

To become a member of the Bayside Community Hospital Auxiliary, please email us at:

 Annual dues are $5 per member.  Click Here to download a Bayside Auxiliary Membership Application.

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