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Bayside Healthcare Foundation
Chambers Health

Formed in 2004, Bayside Healthcare Foundation is Chambers Health’s subsidiary 5.01(c)3 organization. Formed exclusively for charitable purposes, to promote the health and well-being of the citizens of Chambers County, Texas and surrounding communities, the Foundation serves as a supporting organization of and for Chambers Health. The Foundation has as it’s Board, members of the Chambers County Public Hospital District Board, with the CEO serving as the Foundation’s Executive Director. In responding to the needs of Chambers Health, the Foundation has established objectives that include:

    • To promote and carry on educational activities related to rendering care to the sick and injured or the promotion of health education of the general public which  may be justified by the availability of Chambers Health;
    • To assist and raise funding for the construction and furnishing of Chambers Health facilities;
    • To participate, to the extent that circumstances may warrant, in any activity designed to carry on and promote the general health of the community;
    • To assist Chambers Health in expanding its operations to meet the needs of the community.

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